Kerakoll Cementoresina Wall Warm Collection

Preparation of the substrate to be evaluated separately (price not included)
Cementoresina Wall is a continuous three-layer coating, 3.5 mm thick, with a textured spatulated cement resin. Available in 10 colors from the Warm Collection.
Cementoresina Wall is handcrafted by artisan decorators; any distinctive marks or irregularities on the surface attest to its sophistication and exclusivity.
Cementoresina Wall is suitable for indoor surfaces (wall coverings, showers, tubs, shelves, washbasin tops, and other architectural elements); for all areas of the home and commercial spaces, including wellness centers, spas, and Turkish baths.
Cementoresina Wall has a texture of high aesthetic quality characterized by irregularities, chromatic veins, and material vibrations resulting from the imperfections of artisanal processing. It is a coating with great depth and surprising light refraction effects that redefine the style and design of spaces, creating a suggestive and elegant atmosphere. The finish of Cementoresina Wall is warm, soft, and silky to the touch.

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Weight 1,5 kg

WR01, WR02, WR03, WR04, WR05, WR06, WR07, WR08, WR09, WR10




Minimum order quantity: 5 square meters
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