Kerakoll EP21 Rapid

EP21 Rapid is an organic resin with rapid hardening properties used for consolidating absorbent substrates, creating epoxy skim coats and screeds, and waterproofing cementitious substrates with high residual moisture. It ensures increased mechanical strength of inconsistent substrates and their impermeability to protect parquet flooring from residual moisture for quick installations.

Ideal for applications at low temperatures and for fast-setting rectifications and repairs, EP21 Rapid offers a 100% dry residue, high consolidating power, and waterproofing against high residual moisture up to 5% CM (cementitious moisture). It’s suitable for use in poorly ventilated areas and renovation projects, as well as for consolidating underfloor heating substrates. Specifically formulated for less absorbent substrates.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

Pack x2
Part A: 2 kg canister
Part B: 1 kg bottle
– Surface consolidant: ≈ 0.2 kg/m2
– Deep consolidant: ≈ 0.3 – 0.4 kg/m2
– For the creation of epoxy screeds (EP21 Rapid:Quartz 5.12 ratio = 1:10): approximately 0.2 kg/m2 per mm thickness
– Moisture barrier: ≈ 0.3 – 0.4 kg/m2
Storage: Approximately 12 months

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