Kerakoll Patina Warm Collection

Colored textured plaster for resin coatings Patina and Patina Living. Italian design for home well-being.

Patina and Patina Living are water-based resin coatings with a scraped plaster texture and a natural stone-like finish. Patina is a specific cycle for bathroom and kitchen coatings; Patina Living is the decorative finish recommended for walls in all other areas.

Available in 150 colors from the Color Collection and 10 colors from the Warm Collection.

Ideal for decorating walls in residential and commercial environments.

Excellent cleanability.

Ideal for kitchen and bathroom restyling.

Additional information

Weight 2,5 kg

WR01, WR02, WR03, WR04, WR05, WR06, WR07, WR08, WR09, WR10




Minimum order 5 m² and multiples of 5 m²

Package size 15 kg
Yield on fine plaster support ≈ 1.8 kg/m² in two coats
Storage ≈ 6 months
Price per square meter


Prezzo IVA 22% compresa

38,90 40,10 


We apply a flat rate of Euro 15.80 for any type of shipment and every destination in Italy.

The shipping cost for Europe varies depending on the country of purchase and the weight of the product. This cost will be indicated at the checkout at the time of ordering.