Kerakoll Bioscud Fiber

Kerakoll Bioscud Fiber

Multi-purpose fiber waterproofing rainproof for roofs, bituminous coverings and walkable external surfaces, flexible, resistant to UV, atmospheric agents and water stagnation, ideal in GreenBuilding.
Bioscud Fiber creates highly reflective fibre-reinforced decorative waterproofing (white Cool Roof) even on old pre-formed bituminous coverings, adapting to any geometry. Certified for the encapsulation of fiber cement and asbestos cement sheets

Fibre-reinforced walkable rainproof waterproofing
Reinforced with PAN fibers resistant to aging and physical-chemical agents
Certified Cool Roof protective decoration
Encapsulation of fiber cement and asbestos cement D.M. 08/20/99 certified

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Weight N/A

Pack bucket 20 kg – 5 kg – 1 kg
Yield ≈ 2 kg/m2
Storage ≈ 18 months


20 kg, 5 kg


Bianco, Grigio

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