Kerakoll Bioscud BT FIX

Bioscud BT FIX

Elasto-plastic, thixotropic, solvent-based bituminous adhesive-sealant for bonding and waterproof sealing on concrete, glass, metal, wood, stoneware, PVC, ideal for greenbuilding.
Bioscud BT FIX is specific for cold bonding and for the restoration of cracks in pre-formed bituminous coverings avoiding the use of flame. it is suitable for gluing solvent-resistant insulating panels and coupling non-absorbent materials

Specific for the restoration of damaged or unanchored bituminous coverings without the use of flame
Specific for the localized restoration of damaged or perforated pre-formed bituminous coverings

Additional information

Weight 7 kg

300 ml cartridge pack
Yield as adhesive ≈ 1 m2 per cartridge
as a sealant ≈ 10 m per cartridge (5×5 mm joint)
Storage ≈ 12 months


12 Cartucce da 300ml

Prezzo IVA 22% compresa



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