Kerakoll Fugalite Invisibile

Certified photochromic glass filler and adhesive, highly smooth and cleanable, bacteriostatic and fungistatic, waterproof and stain-proof for joints from 0 to 3 mm, guarantees the aesthetic, functional and hygienic continuity of glass mosaic and low-thickness ceramic surfaces, ideal in GreenBuilding

Fugalite Invisibile is very fine microbeads of recycled glass with high refractive power for gluing and grouting without interrupting the aesthetic, functional and hygienic continuity of glass mosaic, ceramic wood and low thickness ceramic stone coverings. Fugalite Invisibile is the solution for keeping the beauty of artistic glass mosaics and blends intact

Ideal for gluing and grouting glass mosaic
Impervious to water, stains and dirt

Additional information

Weight 3,0 kg

Pack bucket 3 kg
Yield as adhesive ≈ 2 – 4 kg/m2
Storage ≈ 24 months

Prezzo IVA 22% compresa



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