Kerakoll Superflex

Elastic organic adhesive for high-strength, high adhesion, and zero vertical slip installation on deformable substrates of porcelain stoneware, ceramic, and natural stones.
Superflex develops high elasticity and thixotropy, ensuring installation even diagonally or from top to bottom of ceramics and natural stones sensitive to water on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces with high deformability and expansion.
Floors and walls, interior, exterior
Open time and adjustability ≥ 1 h
Suitable for porcelain stoneware, ceramics, large formats, low-thickness slabs, and natural stones
Ideal for marbles and natural stones sensitive to staining and concave deformation in the presence of moisture

Additional information

Weight 8,0 kg

6,4 + 1,6 kg (monopack 8 kg)


≈ 1,5 kg/m2 per mm di spessore


≈ 12 mesi

Prezzo IVA 22% compresa



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