Kerakoll Biocalce Fondo Universale

Kerakoll Biocalce Universal uniforming primer, mineral, certified, eco‑compatible, based on selected pure CL 90‑S lime putty compliant with EN 459‑1 standard and micronized natural casein.
Biocalce Fondo Universale guarantees the adhesion of decorative cycles to lime on plaster surfaces or painted with synthetic paints without altering their material appearance.
It guarantees the adhesion of lime decorations on plaster, plasterboard and old interior paints
It uniforms the absorption of the support, guaranteeing constant shades for the subsequent pictorial decoration
The material appearance of the surfaces does not vary
Porous and breathable, it leaves the wall free to breathe

Additional information

Weight N/A

4 litri, 14 litri


≈ 0,15 – 0,25 ℓ/m2


≈ 12 mesi

Prezzo IVA 22% compresa

31,30 96,40 


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