kerakoll Slc Eco Silo-Pur Finish

Eco-friendly finishing paint for the treatment of parquet, ideal in GreenBuilding.
Two-component, respects the environment.
Slc Eco Silo-Pur Finish develops a finish with very high levels of coverage and protection
from wear and abrasion to wooden floors of any essence

Plus Product

• High coverage finish with just 2 cycles
• High resistance to wear and abrasion
• Complies with the Directive

Suitable for wooden floors
wood of any essence
subjected to movement
extreme pedestrian

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Technical data

I wait:
– part A white translucent liquid
– part B transparent liquid
Pack of 5 / 2.5 l oil tanks
Storage ≈ 6 months in the original packaging
Warnings Fear of frost, avoid direct sunlight and heat sources
Catalysis ratio part A : part B = 1 : 1
Application limit temperatures from +10 °C to +30 °C
Gloss gloss level (≈ 95 gloss)
satin (≈ 70 gloss)
matte (≈ 55 gloss)
Mixture usage time ≈ 2 – 3 h
Dust free ≈ 30 min.
Waiting time:
– for overapplication ≈ 10 – 12 hours after sanding
– for light traffic ≈ 24 – 36 h
– for normal/intense traffic ≈ 7 – 10 days
Yield ≈ 80 – 100 ml/m2
by hand

Fields of application

Intended use
High protection finish and high resistance to wear and abrasion of:
– traditional wooden floors
– pre-sanded wooden floors
– wooden floors to be restored
– bamboo floors
Internal wooden floors in civil and commercial environments, prepared with Slc® Eco Silo-Pur
Basic or Slc® Eco Silo-Pur Basic Rapid
Do not use
Outside; on wooden floors subjected to prolonged or constant contact with water


10 L ( 5 + 5 )

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