kerakoll Refresher

Nutrient wax for preventing wear on continuous floors Cementoresin, Microresin Floor, and Microresin Parquet. Renews brilliance and ensures greater scratch and wear resistance to continuous floors Cementoresin, Microresin Parquet, and Microresin Floor. Ideal for the maintenance of varnished wooden floors, prefinished parquet, PVC, rubber, and linoleum. Self-polishing and re-polishable. Ready to use. Renews and regenerates continuous surfaces. Prevents wear and improves floor performance. Applicable with a soft cloth or wax spreader. Restores and makes the surface gloss uniform. Ideal for continuous floors.

Pack: 1.5 l bottle

Coverage: ≈ 15 ml/m2 per coat

Storage: ≈ 12 months

Additional information

Weight 3,5 kg

Pack: 2 bottles of 1.5 liters

Coverage: ≈ 15 ml/m2 per coat

Storage: ≈ 12 months

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