Kerakoll Aquastop 200 HP

Elastic waterproof tape for rubber under-tiles, coated on both sides with non-woven polypropylene with high adhesion for structural joints in Kerakoll Laminated Systems; on balconies, terraces, and solar roofs covered with ceramic tiles or stone materials.
Aquastop 200 HP, practical and fast to apply cold, ensures the continuity of waterproofing under-tiles and compatibility with Nanoflex No Limits and all Aquastop waterproofing products.
Hydraulic seal guaranteed even for structural joints under-tiles subject to strong thermal or dynamic movements
High elastic deformability with excellent post-stress recovery
Easy and safe application without hot welding or solvent sealants
Total compatibility with all Laminated systems, with Aquastop waterproofing products, and with all elastic sealants

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

30 m

Prezzo IVA 22% compresa



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