Kerakoll Rinforzo ARV 100

Biaxial reinforcement mesh in alkali-resistant glass fiber and aramid, specific for the reinforcement, improvement and low-thickness anti-seismic adaptation of reinforced concrete buildings, with brick infills, and masonry structures.
Reinforzo ARV 100 is a network made of mixed fibre. In combination with Geocalce F Antisismico it allows to create a low thickness structural reinforcement suitably connected to the structure using connectors obtained from Geosteel fabric or Steel Dryfix stainless steel helical bars. In combination with Kerabuild Eco Fix it allows you to carry out anti-crack interventions and anti-seismic measures on non-structural elements.
High certified resistance to the alkaline environment and possible environmental aggressions
Excellent resistance to shear and tensile stresses
Certified for structural reinforcements coupled with the Geocalce F anti-seismic mineral matrix on masonry supports
Suitable for anti-seismic protection of non-structural elements in combination with Multipurpose Geocalce or Kerabuild Eco Fix

Additional information

Weight 8 kg

Roll 25 m x h 1m



Prezzo IVA 22% compresa



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