Kerakoll Tassello Steel Dryfix 10

Concealed anchor, in polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre, specific for the anchoring of Steel Dryfix 10 stainless steel helical bars. The system allows an effective mechanical connection of banded and diffused reinforcement systems made with the range of Geosteel meshes on masonry walls, vaults and domes or for the consolidation of brick and concrete floors with problems of collapsing.
The Steel Dryfix 10 anchor ensures excellent mechanical properties and allows perfect incorporation into the matrix of banded and diffused reinforcement systems made with the low thickness range of Geosteel meshes. Thanks to its chemical composition, polypropylene is characterized by high impact and abrasion resistance, excellent thermal resistance and high durability.
Perfect connection with Steel Dryfix 10 helical bars
Excellent compatibility with the matrices of the Geocalce line
Low thickness. Perfect incorporation of the connection within the reinforcement system
Easy and quick installation
High durability

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